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Micro Measure Ltd. Concrete Moisture meter

Needless, Touch-type

Simply place the device on the object to be measured and the moisture value is displayed.

Measures Internal Moisture

Internal moisture is measured in the high frequency wave capacitance method.

34mm spacing between sensors enables measurement for deep inside

Used frequency for the HC-200 is 19MHz while that for similar products from competitors is 0.5MHz.
While other products have approx.
6mm spacing between sensors, The HC-200 has 34mm spacing, which enables the high-frequency wave to penetrate inside and to measure the moisture content of deep part.

To avoid the sensitive sensor from being affected by human hand, The HC-200 has the tall body.


Calculation of averaged values, saving, retrieving and holding moisture level data.

Temperature and Detail Adjustment Function

The internal thermometer corrects the temperature automatically (manual setting also available).

Adjustment can be made using slope and intercept.

Moisture upper limit (alarm) function

When moisture exceeds the predetermined upper limit, an alarm triggers with buzzer sound and red LED blink.

Value before Conversion

A value is displayed before it is converted to the moisture level. Since the value is directly displayed, objects other than standard concrete and mortar can be also measured.



  1. Method

    Moisture content measurement: High-frequency wave capacitance (19MHz)

  2. Object of Measurement

    Object of Measurement: Concrete, Mortar
    Thickness: 10-40 (mm)
    Width: 60 (mm) or more
    Length: 80 (mm) or more

  3. Measurement range

    Measurement frequency: 0.8 (times/second)
    Measurement range: 46 (L)×50 (W) mm
    Moisture content measurement area: Concrete 0-12%, Mortar 0-15%

  4. Service/storage environment

    Temperature: 3-45 C (warming needed in cold climates)
    Humidity: 10-85% (non-condensing)

  5. Dimensions/weight

    Dimensions: 61 (W) x 115 (D) x 98 (H)mm
    Weight: Approx. 235g (not including battery)

  1. Display and output

    Display: Digital LCD display
    Resolution: 0.1%
    Thickness setting: 10-40mm
    Density setting: 100-990kg/cm3 or 0.10-1.00g/cm3
    Temperature setting: Manual setting: -9-70 degrees Celsius or internal thermometer: 0-40 degrees Celsius
    Alarm function: Buzzer and red LED
    Other function: Auto power off (10 minutes)

  2. Accessories

    Operating manual (with a wood species table) , Soft case, 9V alkaline Battery 1 pack

  3. Power Supply

    Power Supply: 9V alkaline Battery 1 pack

  4. Country of manufacture


The model can be selected or designed according to your specification.
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