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MODEL:AS-300 (General, large size)

Enabling more accurate measurement than ever before, the AS-300 outperforms attenuation formula by a wide margin in accuracy.

High-accuracy delay time measuring method

Measuring with the microwave time, the AS-300 outperforms attenuation formula by a wide margin in accuracy.

Measuring the inside moisture content

Average moisture content of an entire object to be tested including the inside at the center can be measured accurately.


The AS-300 enables the instantaneous measurement of the object at a rate of 100 times per second.

Measuring in wider area and higher moisture contents than AS-200

For an object with large particle diameter or asperity giving rise to error, the AS-300 has greater accuracy.

Suitable moisture meter for ceramic sidings (exterior walls)

The AS-300 can measure the moisture content of ceramic sidings with patterns and asperities accurately. The one with conveyor mechanism and the high-speed type measuring at a rate of 3 objects per second are also available, with which we have a track record in measuring a number of objects with moisture. Please consult us to find the best one for you among our wide range of specifications and sensors.

  • TFTEquipped with a large TFT panel

    Highly visible LC touch screen enables easy operation of a wide variety of functions.

  • SDCard data correction system

    SD card is used.



  1. Method

    Moisture content measurement: Non-contact microwave transparent delay time measuring method

  2. Object of Measurement

    Object of Measurement: Object with moisture Specific gravity: 0.2-3.0 (g/cm3)
    Thickness: 10-300 (mm)
    Width: 220 (mm) or more
    Length: 300 (mm) or more

  3. Measurement range

    Measurement frequency: 100 (times/second)
    Measurement range: Example: 270 (L)×207 (W) mm
    Moisture content measurement area: 1-100 (%)
    Variation of position: Up to ±10 (mm)m

  1. Display and output

    Display: LC touch display Pie chart:○
    Digital large display:○
    Per average moisture content display:○
    Instantaneous (real-time) moisture content display:○
    Details counter: ○
    Calibration curve setting:○
    Details setting function:○
    Relay output 3 points:○
    Temperature correction function:○
    Auto zero point correction function:○

  2. Accessories

    Photoelectric sensor:2

  3. Power Supply

    Power Supply: AC100V50-60Hz / 100W max

The model can be selected or designed according to your specification.
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