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What is "Microwave" ?

Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave.
Electromagnetic wave is generally called "electric wave (or radio wave)", and it is used for radio, TV, mobile phone, etc. The frequency of microwave is 3 to 30GHz which is over 10 times higher than that of the electric wave for mobile phone which is 1.5GHz. The frequency for microwave oven is 2.4GHz, which means that its electric wave belongs to microwave.

Reason to enables microwaves to measure moisture

Microwave is very easily absorbed in moisture, and it changes into heat with ease.
Rice gets warm in a microwave oven because the microwaves turn into heat.
Moisture meter measures the volume of the microwaves which have changed into heat (which have been absorbed in moisture) and replaces such change with moisture values.

Features of microwave moisture meter

  1. High accuracy. We have some products certified by Japan Housing and Wood Technology Center.
    (Those products can be used for many different kinds of lumbers.)
  2. It can measure average moisture values including the internal deep part of lumbers.
  3. It can measure moisture values without contacting with the measured object. (contactless)
  4. The sensor lasts long due to non-contact method for the substance.
  5. The measurement is not affected by the vibration or the surface condition of the substance.
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