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MODEL:AS-1000 (ultra-compact)

Enabling more accurate measurement than ever before, the AS-1000 outperforms attenuation formula by a wide margin in accuracy.

High-accuracy delay time measuring method

Measuring dielectric constant with the microwave time, the AS-1000 outperforms attenuation formula by a wide margin in accuracy.

60GHz frequency

The frequency of 60GHz, the utmost limit of microwave, is used.

Non-contact inside measurement

Average dielectric constant of an entire object to be tested including the inside at the center can be measured accurately without contact.

High-speed measurement

1,000 works per second can be measured (with an optional signal processing system). The maximum sampling speed is 1,000,000 times/second, and even at 300km/h, it is capable of measuring on 0.083mm pitch (with an optional signal processing system).

Low dielectric constant, thin, or small object

The AS-1000 enables the accurate measurement of an object with low dielectric constant or moisture content, a thin or small object. It does not miss a slight variation that can be lost in error with the attenuation formula. Please consult us for measuring slight variations in dielectric constant or moisture content, as we have a track record in measuring a number of objects with moisture. Sensors measuring the dielectric constant inside the object with the thickness from 0.1mm-500mm are available.

  • TFTEquipped with a large TFT panel

    Highly visible LC touch screen enables easy operation of a wide variety of functions.

  • SDCard data correction system

    SD card is used.



  1. Method

    Moisture content measurement: Non-contact microwave transparent method

  2. Object of Measurement

    Object of Measurement: Object with moisture, dielectric object
    Specific gravity: 0.3-1.0 (g/cm3)
    Thickness: 0.05-2 (mm)
    Width: 2 (mm) or more
    Length: 10 (mm) or more

  3. Measurement range

    Measurement frequency: 1,000 (times/second)
    Measurement range: 10 (L)×6.8 (W) mm *The work flows longitudinally.
    Moisture content measurement area: 0.1-20 (%) depending on the object
    Variation of work position: Up to ±1 (mm)

  1. Display and output

    Display: LC colored touch display
    LC size: 7 inches
    Trend graph display:○
    Pie chart display:○
    Digital large display:○
    Instantaneous (real-time) moisture content display:○
    Counter function:○
    Setting a wide variety of functions:○
    Moisture content OK, upper/lower limits relay output:○
    Auto zero point correction function:○

  2. An optional extra

    Card data correction system: Easy correction with a card

  3. Power Supply

    Power Supply:AC100V50-60Hz / 100W max

The model can be selected or designed according to your specification.
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