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Reasons to make a Moisture Measurement

In-line wood moisture meter enhances your trust and productivity.

Moisture measurement to strengthen your trust and productivity (in case of wood)

Preventing lumbers from deforming, warping and cracking at your customer sites

The deformation of lumbers which may cause problems will decrease in case the moisture value is 20% or less for column (25% or less for cedar, hemlock), 18% or less for threshold, transom, beam between columns, and 10% to 15% for floorboard, internal wall material.
Measuring all lumbers by in-line measurement, you can remove all deformed lumbers in the manufacturing process without using any manpower. In-line moisture meters are classified into the following applications : for square lumber, laminar, flooring and small lumber..

Enhancement of customer needs

Recently, customers tend to select and purchase lumbers without deformation or defect.
Due to the introduction of “Housing Quality Assurance Promotion Act”, the manufacturing of dried wood has been increasing across the country.

Prevention of adhesion defect and painting defect

It is said that the moisture content with which the adhesive exerts an effect is 15% or less.
Moisture meter is used in the line to prevent adhesion defect as well as painting defect.

Prevention of burst

Moisture meter discovers the burst of lumbers caused by high-frequency pressing machine, which results in the prevention of such burst.

Prevention of rot and change in color

The rot and change in color hardly occur in case of the moisture content with 20% or less.
The bacteria which cause rot and change in color become active over 20%.

Appearance of the certified machine for columns of softwood on the market

The conventional measuring machines were applicable to the limited thickness of lumbers, so they ware not suited for the measurement of column lumbers.
The market launch of the certified machine for column lumbers (July, 2001) realized a precise and easy measurement.

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